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Welcome to the endless discoveries and experiences of Egypt, from early schooldays one is fascinated by its images. Sphinx Tours and Egypt extend their welcome. A visit to this land whose history no other can match becomes a goal in life for many people the world over.

In Cairo, the capital of this unique country, all the enchantment of ancient Egypt, the mystery of the pyramids and the majesty of the Nile await the visitors.
The ancient capital of Egypt, Luxor, the tourists can view and smell the history through the temples of Karnak and Luxor and the Avenue of the Sphinx, and visit the tombs in the West Bank of opulent kings and queens together with that of Tutankhamun.
Aswan, the ancient border of Egypt, provides beautiful scenery where desert sweeps down to meet the Nile alongside pharonic remains including the famous rock cut temple of Ramses at Abu Simble, as well as, a more modern note in the shape of the Aswan High Dam.
A Nile cruise can take in both Luxor and Aswan, and includes several interesting temples between the two cities.
The city of Cleopatra, Alexandria a flourishing seaside resort with the Greco-Roman history within its culture. it is truly the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Red Sea coast of Egypt with its all year ideal weather, turquoise water, golden sandy beaches and unique underwater life is the mecca for all those who seek tranquility and love the sun. Your days will be filled with beauty and serenity as you relax, swim, snorkel, sail, water ski, wind surf or dive and discover underwater museums of sea shells, tropical fish, and gardens of superb coral reefs.

Behind all of Egypt assets lies Sphinx Tours, one of the largest land and cruise operator and its offices and representatives worldwide. That has proved throughout its establishment that it can compete with the most successfull and unique incentive programs anywhere in the world. Thanks to its freindly, devoted, experienced, relaiable and well travled staff that Sphinx Tours can help you to realize your fantasies to life.


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